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Elementary School


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Mondays: Homework due (please use a pencil and focus on good handwriting!); PE - wear sturdy shoes and shorts under skirts.

Tuesdays: Library books are due. Search for library books! Click on this link.

Wednesdays: Music class!


These are some of the things we are working on:

Day of the week, today's date written MM-DD-YY, how many days we've been in school.

MATH: Story problems! 

READING: Reading groups have been assigned; please sign the calendar each night when your child reads to you for ten minutes and send it in with the blue folder EACH DAY. Kids will be getting stickers for signed days! Remember, make it fun and tell them any words they don't know.

WRITING: working on handwriting and our fun turkey project :)

SOCIAL STUDIES: Rules in School

SCIENCE: Nocturnal animals and spiders!

Junior Achievement: Mrs. Reynolds from St. Martin's comes and talks with the class about things like: Families, Needs and Wants, Community roles


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Please Note: The office still needs registration cards, yellow nurses form and the pink emergency forms from families. If you haven't turned them in yet, please do! 




Our Giving Garden is a collaboration between Madison Elementary, Avanti High School, and the Thurston County Food Bank. This year we will be able to use the greenhouse from the Olympia High's GRuB Bear Program to grow LOTS of food for our cooking carts and farm stands. In addition, we are asking for lots of volunteer hours from our community. If you have the time and energy we could use your help with newsletter production, teacher-to-garden liaison, general garden maintenance and grant writing. We look forward to collaborating with you.



To volunteer, have a current OSD volunteer form on file and call or email Joellen Wilhelm, Garden Coordinator **joellenr@comcast.net or 360-464-4315**

Check out Avanti High's garden blog!

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FORKids Backpacks - Thurston County Food Bank Program

The Thurston County Food Bank created a weekend program called FORKids Backpacks, which provides a bag of kid friendly food for children to eat when not attending school. Students will receive the bags on the last day of school each week and discreetly place them into their backpacks to enjoy over the weekend. The program also includes bags for siblings if requested. If this program would be helpful to your family, you can fill out a form sent home with your child or ask at the school office for one.